Sweet Pudding

budino2nomeI was looking for something super quick and sweet to eat so invented this really quick pudding/parfait. For best results, you can put them in the freezer and take them out when you are ready for them. I found that they will last for a few days in there, just make sure to thaw them before you eat them!!

Here is what I did:


for the layers:

40 gr sunflower seeds
40 gr almonds
40 gr raisins or dates

for the pudding:

a banana
coconut milk
carob powder (if you want a chocolaty taste :))
nutmeg or/and cinnamon

**If you are in Italy and making this you can find nuts in the grocery store under “frutta secca” literally dried fruit. The raisins and dates are there too. Most of this kind of food will be imported and bigger supermarkets will have a ton.

I ground the nuts and raisins together in the blender. It should come out dry and somewhat sticky. Its the same I use to make a vegan pie crust. After that is ground up, empty out the blender and set the nut mix to the side.

Then put the banana or mango + avocado into the blender. I use 2 out of 3 of these ingredients (banana + avocado or mango + avocado or banana + mango), they make a nice combo together and the filling comes out nice and smooth. Add the coconut milk and blend. You will not need much milk. Then set the coconut milk in the fridge. This will be used later. Add the carob powder and spices. It should be thick, like a pudding.


You will want to start with a glass cup, then add the nut mix, then pudding mix. Alternate the layers. Take out the coconut milk from the fridge. You will notice that there should be a thicker, rich layer on the top. Take that concentrated coconut milk and spoon it onto the top of your pudding dessert. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Buon appetito!


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