salvia in italiaSage is an extremely versatile herb. Not only does it taste great in recipes, but also has healing properties. It can be used fresh, dried, made into teas and also into essential oils.

Here are 10 uses for Sage.

1.) Reduces anxiety, depression and nervous breakdowns. Drop a couple leaves into some boiling water to make a tea. Just sip and enjoy.

2.) For a great afternoon meal, try simply putting fresh sage leaves, salt and a bit of extra virgin olive oil atop a plate of pasta. Absolutely delicious!

3.) Did you know that the Romans actually used sage to brush their teeth? Yep, they took they leaves and rubbed the leaves on their teeth to take away any food buildup and leave fresh breath! You never know when you may need fresh breath in the Gladiator Arena! 🙂

4.) Sage can be used as an antiseptic for bug bites.

5.) Sore throat or gingivitis? No problem. You can make a tincture out of it to help sooth a sore throat. Just gargle and rinse.

6.) Sage helps control hot flashes for women during their menstrual cycles or during menopause. Drink it in a sage tea.

7.) Eating a few leaves of sage will help combat diarrhea and indigestion.

8.) Sage helps in the reduction of hot night sweats, take in the form of a tincture.

9.) Sage was used in ancient times for warding off evil spirits.

10.) A beautiful bouquet of sage flowers! Planting sage around your house leaves a fragrant scent and makes for an attractive plant!


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