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Types of rice

Rice_plantation_in_JavaRice is a basic staple for many countries and for vegans. It is one of the most versatile grains out there and can be used with anything, from spicy to salty to sweet. In Italy, arborio is used in risotto, in Spain for paellas, in Greece – stuffed grape leaves and in many Thai dishes mixed with curry, middle eastern dishes cuisine in rice pilafs and in Japan for sweet rice cakes called mochi.

Most rice is used as a filler or a base for a specific dish. As the base, vegetables and faux meats could be sauteed and put on top or a creamy sauce can be poured on top. Rice grain can be long or short and have different tastes and textures. 7,000 different varieties. We have listed just a few popular ones 🙂

arborioArborio rice: Native to Italy, arborio rice is a heavy, thick rice used in the making of risotto. It can also be eaten with a little salt and olive oil as a main dish, or as a side dish.

Basmati rice: This rice is found mostly in India and Pakistan and is a long grain rice. When cooked, it comes out nice and fluffy and has a mild nutty taste. It can be eaten alone or as a base to a creamy vegetable sauce. It is found as a base for many traditional Indian dishes. There are two types: brown and white. White basmati will usually cook to become a fit fluffier than the brown variety.

Brown rice: Brown rice is usually more nutritious than white rice with more B vitamins, protein, iron, calcium, fiber and other vitamins and minerals. This rice also works well for making risotto or stuffed vegetables. It is heartier than white rice and when cooked, remains denser and slightly sticky. The cooking time is longer than normal white rice, providing you don’t have precooked rice.

Enriched white rice. Basically white rice but sprayed with a solution to add nutrients. It is then coated with protein powder. This is one level above refined white rice, which really has not many nutrients at all. The bran and the germ have been removed.

rice-blackjaponicaJaponica: This rice can be found sometimes mixed with brown rice or other rices. It is a black short-grain rice from Japan. It has a sticky texture to it. It has a strong nutty mushroom flavor to it and goes nicely in casseroles or as a side dish. When cooking, it will turn the water almost purple. It is a very healthy choice for a rice.

Jasmine rice: Originally from Thailand, this rice is used in many type of asian rice dishes. It is popular in Indian dishes mixed with saffron. It is a long grain rice and has a nutty flavor. It is less sticky and the kernels remain separate when cooked.

Long grain rice: You can buy it packaged and labeled as “long grain rice”, but long grain is more of a generic term for rice thats grains are three times as long than wide. Long grain rice can be found most often in rice pilaf or fried rice. It’s kernels cook separately, light and fluffy and is easy to mix with other foods. Other long grain rices would include basmati or jasmine rice.

Sweet rice: Also called sticky rice, or glutinous rice, because it because very sticky when cooked due to the high starch content. This rice is usually used in sweet dishes such as cookies or puddings.

wild riceWild rice: Wild rice can be found in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, California and throughout the Rocky Mountains. This rice can be eaten alone, as it is very flavorful. Most people think wild rice is a rice, but it is actually the seed of an aquatic grass and more related to corn than rice. Wild rice is known to be the most healthiest of rices, with twice the protein, 8 times more thiamin and 20 times more riboflavin.

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