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10 sweet vegan treats in 5 minutes

frutta-seccaVegan sweet-tooths…

Healthy, vegan, wholesome treats are not that hard to come by! Actually it’s quite easy providing you do not have a serious refined sugar addition. If that is your case, start weening yourself now little by little before your body revolts.

Most of your natural sweet fruits will kill the sweet tooth: dates, raisins, mangoes, bananas, apricots, figs. Adding a bit of nuts or nut butters add the rich tastes. We wanted to combine a few together and see what the outcome was.

These are 10 treats that literally will take 5 minutes or less to prepare and that have little or no added sugar. No cooking, no huge mess, and no refined, processed plastic sugary stuff that rots your teeth and gut and causes ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) in your children. Just wholesome treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth!

1.) Apples and peanut butter. Delicious, fresh and nutritious. A true snack-worthy treat that takes about 2 minutes to prepare. Green apples work best if you like the sweet/sour effect. Almond butter is even richer tasting if your going for the gusto!

coconut date balls2.) Coconut date rolls. These can be made at home or bought in any health food store. For making them at home it will take some prepping of the dates. First just make a date paste by mashing them up. Then roll them in coconut flakes. This can be done in 5 minutes if you’re an expert masher 🙂

3.) Banana and coconut milk smoothie. If you have a blender you can make a rich, sweet tasting smoothie. Throw in a banana and a bit of coconut milk. For an added touch, almond butter works nice too. Blend together and voila!

4.) Toast and jam. A classic if you’re looking for an easy pick-me-up. Toasting takes about 30 seconds-2 minutes in any conventional toaster or toaster oven. Spread on strawberry, mixed berry, blackberry, peach, apricot or whatever your heart desires. Make sure it’s gelatin-free jam! You can use vegan butter for a richer taste.

5.) Dried apricots or figs. Apricot is normally a sweet fruit, but get the dried fruit version and the sweet natural sugar really comes out! Top each one with a bit of cashew butter for a really exquisite treat!

6.) Almond-raisin balls. This mix can also be used for any raw vegan pie crust. Throw 50 grams of almonds and 50 grams of raisins (or pitted dates) into the blender and chop. Pour it into a bowl and then you can form the mix into balls. It should come out sticky enough to form the balls, but if not just add some more raisins (or pitted dates). Any leftovers can be thrown into the refrigerator for a late night snack.

gelato-vegan-620x3507.) Vegan ice cream. The 5 minute version is store bought. If you make it yourself, you will just have to mix the ingredients and leave it in the freezer until it’s nice and hard. The store bought version is not the most natural sweet treat out there, but it made our list because some brands are pretty low on the preservative side. There are tons of vegan ice creams out there now: almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk: and all with many different flavors. Be sure to check for the vegan label to make sure.

8.) Dried mango and pistachio butter. Dried mango is naturally sweet and can be found in mostly any health food stores. Add a bit of pistachio butter, either store bought or ground at home, and it adds a sweet/salty flavor to it. Interesting combo to awaken the taste buds!

9.) Prunes. Prunes are a super quick easy grab-and-go sweet tooth snack. And they help you stay regular. A win-win.

Rote_Gruetze_01_0310.) Mixed berry soup with cream. This is taken from the traditional northern German recipe: Rote Grütze mit Sahne (Red berries with cream). The traditional version is not vegan and calls for eating it warm. We modified it to the vegan version and made it a cold dish too. If it’s warmed up, its going to take more than 5 minutes and some kitchen equipment. You just have to melt down the berries a bit.

Basically it’s berries (raspberries, lingonberries, blueberries) mixed together. We got a bag of frozen from the store and thawed them. Mix together coconut milk, 2 tbsp agave syrup and fresh vanilla in a separate dish. Pour a little on top of the berries. A bowl full of berries and coconut cream should do the sweet tooth trick. Enjoy!

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