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Today’s Interview: Alberto @ Il Modicano – Modica, Sicily

1) When did you open?

The project was born as a crazy thing. We came up with the idea on December 2007 and then officially opened on September 2011.

2) Why?

Living in Modica, home of the Sicilian chocolate, I asked myself why not make soy chocolate, also as a challenge to demonstrate that Bio and Vegan products can be better and tastier than traditional ones. We experimented for 2-3 years because nobody ever made soy chocolate in Europe before. One could find soy flour products for the most part. We only use soy milk instead of cow’s milk and to add a Sicilian taste to it, our spreads use 47% Sicilian hazelnuts only.

3) Why are you Vegan?

I am a vegetarian since 1989 and vegan since 2001. I am vegan because this is what I believe in and for animal rights. On our Articles of Incorporation we even wrote that the company will always have to be vegan.

4) Plans for Expansion?

We already export in all of Europe and our main objective is to be present in all Veg and Bio shops in the continent to make our chocolate more affordable while focusing on quality. We are also certified to export to the USA.

5) How is it to be a Vegan in Sicily?

Italy is the country in Europe with most vegetarians, 6% circa and 1% vegans. You are starting to see more vegans in Sicily too.

6) What do you think about Vitamin B12?

I don’t take any supplement at the moment. B12 deficiency manifests itself after 20 years or so, if ever.

7) Which stores do you recommend to Vegans, especially in Sicily?

I shop at Natura Si in Palermo when I am in that area because the owners really believe in what they do or at Il Punto Macrobiotico in Modica.

8) What do you think of the Veg movement in general?

You have got to be careful about the Veg trend. I am a consumer first and foremost, so what I put in my chocolate is what I would like to buy as a shopper and I hope all Veg companies operate with the same mentality as well.

You can visit them at

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