pianta-chiodi-di-garofanoCloves are great for warming up the body on a chilly day. They come from a tropical tree in areas of Indonesia, Madagascar and the Antilles Islands and are dried flower buds. Their origins were actually that of perfume and as a natural healing aid some 2000 years ago. In ancient Egypt the oil was used for mummifying bodies.

They are used most commonly in spicy dishes, but can also be paired with dishes including onion, carrots, pumpkin (such as pumpkin pie) or just about any vegetable you want to add a zesty taste too! Cloves are great with sweet or salty dishes. But apart from culinary uses and adding taste and zest to food, they also have health benefits and other uses.

1.) Cloves can be used as an ant repellant. Putting the cloves near the ant hill will keep the ants away since the perfume of this spice is too strong for them.

chiodi di garafano e arancia2.) Inserted into an orange, cloves can be used as a natural alternative in your wardrobe
to ward off moths. It’s perfume is much better than that of mothballs!

3.) Cloves are a great natural remedy for toothaches and cavities. Ayurveda medicine calls for a cotton swab to be dipped into clove oil then swabbed onto the teeth to help dull the pain.

4.) Put into potpourri it can freshen a room in minutes! Or add a couple of drops of clove oil into your radiator.

5.) Cloves help to freshen breath. A couple popped into the mouth for a couple minutes usually does the trick. In fact in ancient China the servants would keep a couple in their mouths shortly before meeting the Emperor.

fiori26.) Clove oil can be used as a warm soothing massage oil. Its warming qualities help relax the mind and tone the muscles. It also leaves a nice scent when rubbed into the skin. It is used as a moisturizer and since cloves help fight against bacteria, it is a good aid against body odor when massaged into the skin.

7.) Helps aid with digestion, nausea and flatulence.

8.) It can be used in soaps, detergents, toothpastes or lotions for a pleasant scent.

9.) Cloves can be infused with other spices, such as cinnamon, nutmeg or mint for a nice blend of tea. Drinking a clove tea will warm up the entire body.

10.) In medieval times cloves were used to relieve headaches and muscle spasms.

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