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Bill Gates invests in Vegan Company

beyond-meat_500x300More than a year ago, in 2012, super wealthy Microsoft developer announced that going vegan would have huge health benefits and be a sustainable choice for the planet. His statements and advocacy to veganism has now launched the beginning of his investment into vegan based company Beyond Meat.

In his new project, “The Future of Food” he specifically announced “The meat market is ready for reinvention”. He continues to say, “the future lies with companies that are able to produce healthful plant-based alternatives to meat and eggs in a sustainable manner.”

Vegans and non-vegans alike can already see the damage done to the earth by factory farms. They are also aware of animal suffering and the negative health effects too much processed meat and dairy can have on the body. The fact is in the last 20 years meat consumption has doubled. With the world population steadily growing it will not be possible to keep up with the amount of meat that needs to be produced. We must have other alternatives and start to diminish our consumption of animal products.

Nov29VeganNewsWith new companies such as Beyond Meat and Hampton Foods continuously perfecting the “non” meat meat, most people are finding they really cannot tell the difference between real chicken and fake chicken. These new companies could really turn things around by providing many more options.

With a billionaire, many celebrities, athletes and politicians (Bill Clinton and Al Gore) taking notice plant-based popularity is going to grow by leaps and bounds. Now if we can just get someone into McDonalds and “veganize” them…..

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