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Eating Vegan during Travel

Eating vegan while traveling can be a challenge. However, it really does not need to be! It is actually easy if you are prepared.

First off, ask yourself a few questions to make a plan.

How are you traveling? By foot? Car? Bike? Train? Bus? Plane? Getting your transportation figured out is going to be the first step.

Next, where will you be staying? Hostel? Hotel/motel? friends or family? Campgrounds?

And how long is the trip going to be? A couple hours? A couple days? Couple months?

Depending on your situation you will be able to plan far in advance and not have any problems traveling as a vegan.

travel 32Plane trips, even when going overseas, will be at most 20-24 hours. And these trips usually do not happen that often unless you go L.A to Shanghai 2 times a week. Check as far in advance as possible for vegan meal options on the airlines. Otherwise, you will have to make a couple vegan sandwiches before departing. Trips of 4 or 5 hours can actually be made without eating anything at all. No one has ever starved to death after 5 hours of not eating. In any case, most airports carry some kind of vegan snack, even if its carrot sticks.

If you’re road tripping, camping or doing anything where you have access to a vehicle, eating vegan is super easy. 2 words: supermarket and cooler. With a car you have your pick of anything.


Many hard vegetables, crackers, breads and fruits last for a few days. And if you have ice you can bring seitan, tempeh, rice milk…you can have all the comforts of home. If you know ahead of time which city you are visiting, look up the supermarkets online so you can visit one while you are there. Staying in a campground is super easy! You can have a cook stove and/or campfire. This means you can cook anything. Even roughing it for a few days, you can make tofu burritos, baked potatoes, banana pancakes, roasted tomatoes, grilled zucchini….pretty much anything! And a campfire will make veggies taste much better than the ones you cook at home on the stove!

If you are staying in a motel or hotel, bring along an electric burner and make the food yourself. My husband and I traveled all through Europe with a double burner packed in our checked luggage. And this was by plane and train. We never had any problems in the airports or hotel rooms and were able to cook exactly like how we cooked at home. Oh, just make sure you bring a pan.

If you are taking short bus trips, pack some veggies. Traveling like this will also save huge amounts of money by not eating out everyday.


Staying with friends or family for a few days? This can be tricky, especially if they insist on doing all the cooking. There are a few ways around this. You can pack some food before you go. It may just be sandwiches and lighter foods that you can eat while at their house or you should insist on helping out in the kitchen and explain that you are vegan. In many cultures, guests are highly regarded and the hosting family will be sure to meet the guests needs to a certain extent. Most of the time if you bring your own dish for a get together or BBQ, people do not mind. In fact, they are usually elated if you bring extra for them too, especially if it is a dessert!

If for some reason it seems impossible, go to plan 2: stay at a hotel.

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