mixed nuts part 1

Crazy for Mixed Nuts Part 1

Nuts are an excellent addition to a vegan lifestyle or any lifestyle. They add healthy fat, are a source of protein and contain other vital nutrients that a body needs, such as calcium and iron.

The best way to eat them is in their raw form. Many nuts that are toasted/roasted or salted lose their nutrients and have been chemically altered. If eating toasted nuts, make sure to check the ingredients. Some brand add sugar and other ingredients that have nothing to do with the nuts themselves!

Some basic nuts include:

Almonds. Almonds are lower in fat than other nuts and extremely versatile. Many recipes call for almond milk or almond flour. Almond oil can also be used on the skin to make it moist and supple. Almonds are also an excellent source of magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron and are available worldwide. They are more economical than other nuts, as well.

Brazil-nut-ImagesBrazil Nuts. Technically Brazil nuts are considered a fruit The nut part is the seed of the fruit we eat. Their meat is much like coconut and is very sweet and rich in texture. They are an excellent source of selenium, believed to lower the risk of breast and prostate cancer, thiamin and Vitamin E.

Cashews. Cashews are the rich, creamy nut that is wonderful for making nut cheeses and rich sauces. This is because these nuts are more starchy than other nuts helping them to retain thickness when cooked. Cashews are high in antioxidants which help to protect healthy cells from free radicals; hence, helping to keep away wrinkles and staying young and healthy!

Chestnuts. Roasted chestnuts are by far the most popular way to eat these nuts. They have a very high fiber content, so if you need to get “regular”, add some chestnuts into your diet. They are the lowest in fat of all the nuts. They also are somewhat high in carbohydrates; complex, that is. Chestnuts will help give you a nice, long energy boost. Autumn is the popular season and having a couple handfuls of these on a cold day will help you stay a bit warmer. They also have B6 and will help boost your memory. We all need more of that!

Hazelnuts. Did someone mention chocolate hazelnut spread? These are the sweetest of nuts ready for use in any baking recipe, mostly because of their dense, rich flavor. Also called filberts, these rich nuts contain a high amount of fat, but also are a good source of potassium, protein, magnesium, B6 and iron.

macadamia nutsMacadamia Nuts. Rich and creamy, these nuts originated in Australia. These can be on the pricy side so if your budget allows you to splurge, go for it. They are also the highest of all nuts for fat content. Macadamia oil is often used in skincare products, mostly for its Omega-7 palmitoleic acid content. But do not give any to your dog…they are toxic.

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