Vegan Cuts Snack Pack

Vegan Cuts Snack Box – The work is already done for us!

When it comes to vegan products we still have to be careful on what is really considered vegan or not. Although labels make things easier, we should still be picky about the equipment that is used and how our food is handled. We also have to watch out for harmful chemicals and other non-animals products that may harm us.

A few companies really know what Veganism means and some are in the bandwagon just because it’s trendy. Research is mandatory as well as networking with people in-the-know so to exchange ideas and information on how to stay healthy and sort out the bad stuff.

I mention this because we had the pleasure to review the Snack Box at Vegan Cuts, a company located in Ottawa, Canada. The website is very customer friendly. It is easy to navigate, there are pictures of products so you know what you are getting and prices are all online. They have a wide array of different products that can be purchased online that are 100% vegan and most of them are gluten-free, too. Best of all, they support local companies, so when you purchase products through them you know that you are helping to support many smaller companies that advocate veganism.

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They have everything from snacks to shampoos to pet products to even temporary tattoos and more! Many of the products are discounted and they ship internationally, so no need to worry about your location. If in the US, it’s free shipping!

The best part is they have done all the research about the products so we don’t have to! One unique item that they have available through the website is the Vegan Snack Pack. It can be purchased individually or for a monthly subscription of $19.95 you can have vegan snacks at your doorstep! The nice thing about it is that many of the products are unique and you may not have seen them in supermarkets or elsewhere. It gives you an opportunity to see what else is out there for vegan foods but in a sample pack version. That way, even if everything in the box is not to your liking, there will be something else that is!

You get a variety of different products. For example, we had kale chips, ranch flavored chips, sesame seed spread, hot chocolate mix, a vegan fruit fig bar, some wonderful curry flavored sauce for our rice dishes, pizza dough, snack pack black olives and some vegan taco meat. The quality is good, too. The items were made with pretty natural ingredients which got a thumbs up in our book.

Another nice thing about the Vegan Snack Box is they can be used as gifts! Send them to family and friends so they can reap the benefits of some delicious vegan snacks and help to reduce waste caused by factory farming as well as saving some animals!

Vegan Snack Pack 1

Thanks again Vegan Cuts for providing us with some great vegan snacks!

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