Who would survive a Zombie Attack – Vegans or Non-Vegans?

dry-desert-wasteland2045: The majority of the planet is desert wasteland. Zombies have infested villages, towns, cities and even whatever forests and natural habitat is left. There are still a few places where humans rule and there is no evidence of Zombie life. Iceland, for example, has been left untouched. Its remote location and difficulty of navigating rough waters during certain months has left it safe territory, at least for now.

New Zealand is also Undead-Free due to the fact that when they first heard of the zombie attack from their neighbors in Australia, the kiwis immediately took action and built a giant wall around the entire island, letting no one enter and those that leave can never come back.

So, if it should occur that Zombies take over the world, who would be more likely to survive the Zombie Attack? Vegans or Non-vegans?

Lets take a look.


Vegans have many advantages in a potential zombie attack.

effects of fast food on children#1. Vegans may be better adapted to surviving without addictive food. Plant based foods are non-addictive. Since a vegan’s diet consists of whole, plant based-foods and less (hopefully) of the processed, packaged and preservative heavy foods, vegans will not suffer from food cravings, sugar crashes and “gotta have it now” syndrome. Therefore, one who follows a vegan lifestyle will be able to think clearer and devise a solid plan of escape/attack against the zombie takeover. Having a clear mental picture will be of utmost importance during a crisis such as this.

#2. Vegans tend to carry less weight. Being thinner than most non-vegans will give them an advantage in running away from zombies. Most zombies are slow and must take time to moan and groan while walking. Vegans will be able to outrun the majority of zombies until they can catch a boat and head safely to the nearest refuge point.

#3. Vegans have higher endurance. Eating a plant-based diet is essential for high performance. Fruits and vegetables are easily digested by the stomach and easily eliminated, unlike meat or cheese that takes longer to break down. Having lighter foods in the stomach helps give the body an extra boost of endurance, meaning you can eat that apple and keep going, rather than sleeping after a turkey dinner.

Cattails#4. Vegans can eat whatever is left in the forests/woods. Anywhere where there is still grass, trees, cattails or other plant-life, vegans will be able to consume easily in a survival situation. Plants do not have to be cooked. This is a huge advantage in a zombie attack, because when zombies are chasing you, you do not have time to cook your food. And there will be plenty of green stuff left to eat because zombies are non-vegan.

#5. Vegans do not smell like dead flesh. Zombies are attracted to flesh. Those that indulge in the eating of flesh may quite possibly emit “meat fumes” that acts like a mating call, if you will, for zombies.


Meat eaters also have a few advantages during a potential zombie attack.

Burnt-Zombie-Artwork-441x800#1. Non-vegans eat meat. This could be advantageous in a zombie attack because if forests and woods are completely burned down, there will be no plants to eat. However, meat will be readily available. Non-vegans may feast on the flesh of burnt zombies, dead animals or murdered humans, that is, if the zombies have not already eaten them all.

#2. Non-vegans may have plenty of guns. Many non-vegans are avid hunters, meaning they have one or more guns. Since many vegans petition for animal rights, they do not carry guns for hunting. This could be a disadvantage. Non-vegans will have plenty of arms to defend themselves from advancing zombies and may be able to knock out an army of them and possibly save the village, at least until they run out of ammo.

#3. Non-vegans may expire quicker. Some (not all) but some non- vegans (and some vegans) are unhealthy eaters and have serious health conditions. If the entire world was decimated by zombies, the already sickly people would, in theory, expire first. This would actually be advantageous, as opposed to a long, excruciating metamorphosing shift into a zombie body.

food-grocery-cart#4. Many non-vegans are almost zombie like. Let me say this: Have you ever been into a low-cost mega store chain to see a cartful of stuff that had NO real food in it?? And have you seen the people driving these carts? I am not here to judge, but am just saying that people in general need to make responsible food choices. Many, including vegan or non vegans (however vegans, in theory, have made certain food choices and taken responsibility) are already in a zombie-like state of mind. The transition has already begun so for these people there will be little pain and perhaps may be no noticeable difference at all.

So who wins? In the case of the zombie attack the most important thing would be to communicate and work together. Both sides have distinct advantages and disadvantages, but overall moving towards a plant-based society could actually reduce the risk of a zombie attack altogether. Once we can start to eliminate the chemicals, byproducts, hormones, preservatives, and pharmaceuticals in our foods, we can all start to think with a clear, peaceful mind and change our planet back into the green, lush and living planet where all animals and humans can exist together.

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