cinnamon2Cinnamon not only tastes great on just about everything from vegan cookies, to vegan cakes, but also in other vegan dishes like mashed potatoes, or sweet potato pie! It is extremely versatile and smells wonderful too. Cinnamon oil is highly sought after as an essential oil used for relaxion – and rightly so, since it has a strong scent that puts us into a happy like bliss state.

It is wonderful for soothing the stomach, too. Try putting a stick of cinnamon into a cup of freshly made almond milk. Heat the milk up just slightly, so it’s not hot like a tea, but not tepid. Leave the cinnamon stick a couple minutes and voila! You have yourself a wonderful autumn drink, ready to make your tummy happy!

But, did you know it also has some health benefits? Read here for more!

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