For the Animals

95e39/huch/1887/3“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~Gandhi

Is it not true that as science advances our moral progress is regressing? Every year billions of animals are slaughtered, not humanely as there exists no humane slaughter, but viciously, cruelly, without respect and without remorse. Animals that did not ask to be created for the sole purpose of becoming an “item” or a “meal”. These needless acts do not promote peace on the Earth. In fact, one only has to look around at how people treat each other to know that all love and respect for anything has been slowly eroded away.

Factory farms are some of the most foulest, filthiest, hate-infested places on Earth. No animal should be allowed to be there. No human should work there. They are a manifestation of evil and beyond, made into breeding grounds of hate and anger. They represent greed, power, control and all the negative aspects of the human ego. These emotions have been allowed to breed and flourish from repeated cycles of lessons that are never learned and love that is never truly made whole. If these negative emotions can have free rein here, where else will they have free rein? Our homes? Our workplace? In public places? If one becomes frustrated and can easily hurt an innocent animal, how much easier does it become to hit a child? Or support watching violence on TV? Or support war?

love21Though pure hate infested individuals do live on this planet, most of us represent the class of beings that have learned this behavior. Learned through parents; learned through TV; learned from school. We have learned to repress instead of express in healthy, creative ways. We have learned to hate instead of love. But, this is actually positive because it means that we can unlearn it. First steps include taking a personal responsibility for our behaviors and starting to educate ourselves away from the masses; not becoming a zombie to mass media and propaganda. Wake up and start asking “why?” We need to research and find our own answers.

Ignorance and irresponsibility go hand in hand. Ignorance can be changed. But, irresponsible behavior must also be changed. We must start to realize that everything we do as individuals has a ripple effect in the entire universe. We cannot be so selfish to think that we are the centers of the universe; that we are all that exists. We must understand there is a bigger picture out there and we are but grains of sand. It is up to us to ensure survival of our species and others as a collective effort.

Horse-in-swamp3_68_1348576aWe are not the exploiters; we are the protectors. Animals are what we need to protect. We have the responsibility look after the planet and therefore everything upon it. Just as a child looks to his parents, we are the parents of the planet and we have a responsibility to care for all it’s inhabitants and life forms.

We have to understand that we are all co-dependent on each other for the survival of all. It all starts with ourselves and taking responsibility for our actions. Then becoming informed on how those actions are affecting others around us.

Looking at animals we understand they are the part of the life force of the earth. Everything from the tiniest earthworm, that continues relentlessly to move the earth under our feet so that our plants can continue to have fresh new soil. The birds, that clean up the waste of the deceased and purify the earth again. The cows and horses that chew the grass and re-fertilize the ground with their excrement. The pigs which spread the seeds for new trees and plants to grow. The bees which pollinate our fruits and vegetables so we have food to eat. Even the fish and coral are perfectly balanced. The fish need coral for protection. Corals are made from the skeletons of polyps.

Common european earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris)It has all been thought out: it has all been perfectly balanced. If you look around the planet, without animals, we would have a desert wasteland. We would have no variety. If there existed no animals, how long would it be before the plant life died? And if there existed no plant life, how long would it be before we ceased to exist?

Really think about it. Why do we eat cows? Pigs? Chickens? Why? Most of your answers will have no real significance. No concrete reason. Nothing that says we MUST or we will become gravely ill and die. Most answers are usually something like this:

Taste? This stems from ego saying “I like it, it tastes good, I want it, it’s mine.” This attitude only festers selfishness. Selfishness goes nowhere in this world and it will certainly not save the human race. Selfishness is the sure way to dying alone.

Tradition? How many “traditions” exist that have no basis in real reasoning. Mayans had “traditions” of human sacrifice; does that make it OK?

What about habits? Smoking cigarettes and drinking are habits…and those kill people. Enough said.

And convenience? Convenience holds no weight here. Convenience is another way of saying “I am ignorant, lazy and irresponsible. I don’t care to investigate this topic and I don’t care about anything.” You mean to say it is more convenient to purposely make a mother pig suffer for years, confined to an extremely small space, lay in her own excrement, be full of sores, rashes, infections and in physical pain not to mention continue to be tormented emotionally and psychologically by having her babies taken from her because you did not want to grab a bag of carrots for lunch and just HAD to have pork skins?

Squeezed-ChickensHow great are those scrambled eggs? Or how can it be “trendy” to wear dead mink? Really think about it for a moment…a dead, deceased animal fur hanging around your neck and body? The bodies of which have been piled several feet high in the middle of some backwoods. Would it not be disgusting if we wore the skin of other humans? Why does cannibalism turn our stomachs? So why do we wear the skins and eat the meat of other species that inhabit the earth? What if another species came to our planet decided they were more “intelligent” than us? What if they bound us, separated our families, stole our babies, impregnated our wives, cut our limbs with no anesthesia, caged us, deprived us of fresh air and water and all our earthly born rights only to feast on our flesh? Are we so caught up in our own worlds that we think this couldn’t happen? What if it did?

How can we start? Follow the Golden Rule – Do onto others as you would want done onto you. Notice it just states “others”. Not only humans, not only politicians, not only family members….only others.


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