mama chicken and chicksChickens and hens are some of the most curious animals on the planet. They will come to greet you just to find out who you are and say hi!

They have a hierarchy within their broods and each one has a role to play. The rooster is the protector. He mates with the hens and keeps them safe. When another male becomes too old, the dominant rooster will kick him out of the flock. The hens, just like a human mother, will chirp to her baby while inside of her womb and teach it chirps even before it hatches.

chickens7788Chickens are very social animals. They stay with their families and fight to protect them. If one should die, they mourn the loss, just like us. In the wild a chicken can live up to 20 years.

When looking for a nest, they like to have their privacy. A chicken will scratch the ground after finding a nesting place. Then will pick up twigs and grasses that she will toss onto her back. She will take it back to her nesting hole and let the materials slide off her back into the nest.

galline-gabbie-Chickens are extremely sensitive creatures. They, as any other animal or human, does not do well in captivity. They live in extremely cramped quarters, sometimes 6 chickens to a small cage. In these conditions, they cannot spread their wings and they cannot move around. The cages are wire and many chickens feet and claws become trapped in the metal wiring. Unable to move, they cannot reach food or water (when it is present) and die in the cages, while other live chickens continue to lay eggs.

Baby male chickens, upon hatching, are immediately tossed into wood-chipper machines or thrown away live into huge garbage bins, as they have no use to the industrial corporation giants. The ones that are chopped up are given as food to other chickens or used in dog/cat food as chicken byproducts.

debeakingThe females will immediately have their beaks cut off, without anesthesia as this is not time or cost-effective for the industry. This is to prevent them from pecking other chickens, as they will do under stressful conditions.

Much research has shown time and time again that this chickens are in so much pain that instead of eating their regular food, they would prefer to eat food laced with sedatives and painkillers to help alleviate the intense amount of pain they are in.

The chickens are often given growth hormones to increase their size in an extremely short amount of time to prepare them for slaughter. Many grow so quickly that their legs have not developed the muscles to hold the new amount of weight. They literally fall over.

Sick-and-deformed-chickens-suffering-inside-a-chicken-factory-farm-1338609-800x400They also have to endure a bacteria infested and ammonia filled environment, which many times leave them with open wounds that do not heal. Antibiotics are not often enough always injected into these animals and open wounds are left to fester and contaminate other birds.

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